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Patna Waterside Parish Church Parish Profile            
Our congregation is open to new ideas,    
new ways to worship and has a dedicated team of
supportive office bearers, we also have the benefit of a Team Ministry 
We are continually striving to move forward and to find God’s will for our lives.  
Congregational Life The Electoral Register of the Church congregation at present is 146.   Communion is celebrated on 2 recognised occasions in the year by invitation. Sunday worship with its relaxed and friendly membership attracts between 30-40 people each week.
Family Church is for children who come to Church with their parents or grandparents.

Praise is led by our enthusiastic and talented Organist and hymns are commonly taken from Songs of Fellowship & the Church Hymnaries 3 & 4. But as we have Power Point any hymns are available. We have an  amazing Allen Organ.
Bible study is held every 2 weeks.   
We also have regular monthly Prayer Meetings - first Thursday at 7:30pm             
The Faith Mission is held once a month. 
We have "Singing in the Church" monthly - the third Thursday at 7:30pm
Worn Again Charity Shop - administered by Friends of Patna Church   
Giving & Supporting Others Tea/coffee money goes to different local, national or international charities every 3 months. We also raise funds through the church money boxes. Each summer we hold a summer fete and a free family party is held every Christmas for the whole community. We have impelmented Gift Aid.

We are an active congregation within the community.   

Quotes from Church Members
“Attending Patna Waterside Church makes me feel good, so much so that when I am unable to attend I feel there is something missing. I feel my role is a supportive one.”
  “I think I can lift a duster or hand out hymn books at the door without feeling I am butting in.”                                    “This Church is the place where we belong. The place where all our friends are.”
“If we see a job needing doing we do it.”
“I have been attending all my days and I need the church to be in my life. The people here are my friends & family and I look forward to seeing them each week.” 

We are the body of Christ.  

Parish The 16 members of the Kirk Session coupled with a further 6 of the congregation make up the Congregational Board.                                         
Sunday service begins at 10:00am  
Loop induction systems and PA systems have been installed. 
Orders of Service are produced every Sunday. 
Hymns and information, including intimations are also presented  on overhead projector using PowerPoint.                                                                                                            
Informal fellowship with tea/coffee after each service at our in Church coffee bar within the church.                                                                                             
Parish visitation is also carried out to the entire community through production and distribution of cards carrying the Christmas and Easter message.                                                                                                                                          Facilities for the disabled- legal requirements regarding facilities for the Disabled have been implemented.     -Toilet                                                                    -Easy access ramp into the church                                                                                 
-Pews have been adapted to accommodate wheelchairs
 Nursing home services held once a month. Parish visitation-visits to the bereaved, housebound and elderly.  Also at the Lunch Club for the elderly.   
Presbytery Plan C6 C6 is a six Parish Group comprising the churches of Patna, Dalmellington, Coylton, Drongan, Ochiltree and Stair, allowing  the ministers and congregations to work together in the sharing of their skills, gifts and resources.  
       *Sharing a Hope.          *Seeking a Vision.                     *Strengthening Each Other.

 Patna village, moving forward. Patna is located 9 miles from the town of Ayr and 5 miles from Dalmellington. The population of the village is over 4,000 and growing with many new houses being built. There is a newly opened Resource Centre which houses the Doctors surgery and a Dental surgery. Building work on a new School has completed. This development will bring together the two existing schools of Patna and St Xavier’s Primary onto one campus. The Library, Community Centre, Games Hall and Sport’s Pavilion are also relocated to the new school campus.

Links with the Village
A few baptisms are conducted in the Church each year.                                                                             
Funerals average 30 per year (26 in 2009) with a small proportion taking place in the Church.                                                                                             
Community Council and Association meetings are held regularly and members work hard to improve standards and facilities in the village.                                    
Good relations exist between our Ministry Team and the local Catholic Priest and ecumenical services take place at Christmas and Easter.                                     
The Ministry Team are well known in the school by both pupils and their families, through the conduct of assemblies, visits to the nursery and attendance at other school events.             Links between the village community and the Church are strong and many villagers who are not churchgoers consider the Church to be “doing a lot of good in the village”     
                     The Reverend Campbell Saunders once said of Patna
                “The good people of Patna are the friendliest people in the world”

Patna Waterside Church Church services in Patna began in 1817 when an occasional service was held. By 1834 an evening service was held every third Sunday. The Church was built in 1837 and Hall in 1898 with good accommodation for services and events. Seating capacity of Church: 150-200 and seating capacity of Hall: 100
The first permanent Minister arrived in 1849 and over the years there have been many Ministers serving the community.                                                                      
The original Lethanhill Church joined with Waterside Church before the merging of Waterside and Patna.                                                                                                 
There have been vacancies, with a recent break of ten years without a Minister, since then we have improved our financial situation considerably and are currently in a good position. Our Deacon arrived during that vacancy and served us until the Church was linked with Dalmellington in 2004 and continued in Team Ministry with their Minister until his retirement in 2009.                                                                                                               
On the Deacon's retirement we continue to see a missional team approach here, we have a Youth Worker to complement the Team.       
       “Since I came to Patna in January 2001 I have found the congregation supportive, enthusiastic and committed to being part of a dynamic church which is seeking               
to be faithful to Christ’s gospel of love.”      
                                                          Muriel Wilson,  Parish Deacon, Retired.   



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