Prayer Meetings are currently held on two Wednesdays a month, the first and third.

we believe that prayer is the powerhouse of the church and where the important work is done

we meet in the Church at 7pm and all who want to join us are welcome, we are finding new ways to encourage each other to pray in a straightforward and effective way and you will find the group very supportive even if you find praying aloud difficult.

Quote from an email:
"Hi - sorry I didn't make it to Prayer meeting - It is no reflection on
David's advice on how to pray!  - in fact, I have been "using" the
Lord's Prayer as a base ever since and it doesn't half help to
keep focused and not keep losing the thread. 
Even though I have been praying for years and have said
the Lord's Prayer since I was knee high to a grasshopper,
it was really just said by repetition with no real thought so
merging prayer and the Lord's Prayer is just so good
and must surely be the reason that
Jesus gave us the prayer in the first place. 
Take care and keep on praying.  Love Ann "

send an email for more details: diannemc1@hotmail.com
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